Mount Snowdon!

On my second last day in Wales (and Emily and Kristyn’s last day) we FINALLY made it to the summit of Mount Snowdon. We really lucked out with the weather and it was an AMAZING view from the top. If you’re ever in the area I recommend making this place a priority – It’s breathtaking. We took the Llanberis path and it was about 2.5 hours up and 1ish hours down…. going at a leisurely pace. We had a bit of a late start so the downside was racing a bit to get to the last bus back of the day… at 4:40pm……….

Anyway the pictures will explain the rest!

10338294_10152454327027158_9092877538840148182_n 10347254_10152454325517158_8318313501092768957_n 10390387_10152454327632158_5643246707078515370_n 10408788_10152454328882158_5952856315547888457_n 10437426_10152454329132158_3371530713810362581_n 10441155_10152454327832158_8837819139721226997_n 10447852_10152454328627158_8539150576756281129_n


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