Summer Ball and other Fiestas

The weekend before Rory and I left for Amsterdam, his housemate Liam had a going away party that was a nice way to send him off for his summer spent working in Italy (and beyond)! It was graffiti themed so we all wore white T-shirts and signed them – quite a fun night.

1017545_742136542505178_6435426260677287503_n 1958072_742136915838474_5779702766239152261_n 10309347_742136969171802_8924237217615237229_n

After we came back from Amsterdam, we hit up pound a pint for one last night at our favourite pub:


And of course Saturday was summer ball! It was quite an event, with a fun fair as well as a night time concert-ish venue. Not much to say about it except that it was a really good time! Here are some of my favourite photos from the day:

10432991_10203182467815334_2287920469603574498_n 10407424_746834695368696_3825207048881969261_n 10406477_746835252035307_7004655920220473825_n 10366126_10204143714380939_3505695292479020433_n 10262172_10152519071083410_4132173300179135033_n

Rory kept rocking the car…


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