Sunshine and Sunsets

Edit: Added some more photos from Emily’s camera from our BBQ day!

As you would expect in the last month of the school year, things are wrapping up! Last Thursday we had our end of season hockey dinner at the Victoria Inn over on Anglesey. If you know me, you know there’s nothing I love more than a good fancy dinner, and it was a great time! Accompanied by dressing up nicely and having a nice meal was some end of season awards, and I actually won something! I got “Most Improved Player” for my team and I couldn’t have been happier.

That weekend it was Alana’s 22nd birthday! We went out with Rory’s house to Varsity (our favourite local pub of course) for dinner. It took so long that they gave us 25% off which was a nice bonus and we had the best burgers – so adorable. After that we had cake and then had one of the best nights out in Bangor that I have had in a while; it really was a blast! It was free snapback night at Academi so we all got red snapbacks which was fun.

Besides the fun events, I’ve been mostly studying and working on my lab project. I’ve finally got some of my reactions to work which is promising…. Molecular Biology is hard because you are working with living organisms (bacteria) and they don’t always behave the way you want them too. One exciting thing that happened was that I got intense freezer burn on my fingers from the -80 Celsius freezer.

Another fun activity we did this week was North American Brunch! We cooked some of Rory’s house a real North American fare – pancakes, french toast, and tater tots …. served with maple syrup of course! The boys thought it was weird that we make french toast with maple syrup though – they call it “eggy bread” and insisted dipping it in ketchup (even though the recipe included sugar and vanilla)…

In light of weather being super nice lately, I’ve also had the chance to have a couple of beach barbecues with friends. We buy a portable barbecue and then just enjoy nature; one of my favourite past times.

One more update – marathon training! I ran 18 miles yesterday no problem and I have 2 more long runs to go before tapering starts! Training in Wales has been such a blessing because of the breathtaking scenery. Such a great distraction for when the runs get long (or really really really long…..)!

Here are some snaps from the last week or so:

North American Brunch!

Playing with fire on Alana’s birthday

Aren’t we cute?

Alana’s Birthday!

Awards night for hockey!



Fire at the beach BBQ!


Tom tossing a stone

Taking in the welsh sunset

Enjoying some mallows



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