The Start of the End

Hard to believe that a month tomorrow I will be on an airplane to go home. It doesn’t seem real, I have so much to do before then! I have honours lab research to finish, I have to finish the majority of my marathon training (tapering starts the week I get back), I have to write three exams, and Rory and I are going to Amsterdam for a few days at the end of May for one last taste of travel and another country to explore.

Since my last post, I’ve been doing much of the same; studying, working on my lab project, finishing assignments, and marathon training. On Saturday, it was “Old Girls’ Weekend”, equivalent to homecoming for all of the sports teams. since I’m a “leaver” I got a really nice collared shirt with my name and number on the back – my first sports shirt with my last name on it might I add!

I also finished my volunteering yesterday. I’m sure I mentioned it before but it consisted of visiting a Welsh elementary school once per week and playing games with the kids after school was over. It was super fun and rewarding and definitely something I support – if there was one thing I’d change about my childhood it would be more out-of-doors non-competitive after school exercise!

On Friday, I went to £ a pint at the local pub with some of Rory’s house and my North American friends. Here are some pictures.  By the way, the purple stuff is our fav. beverage – strongbow with blackcurrant squash. At the bar you order a “cider and black”!

10259879_10152341953903686_1770285677164941694_n 10336757_10152341964058686_4420243518688457267_n

PS. Today I received my 70th “follow” on this blog! Thanks everyone!


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