City of lights

Today was along day but a good day. Ill start with a fun fact: did you know Paris was nicknamed city of lights based on intellectuals living in it rather than literal lights?
I started off the morning with a cappuccino, an almond and chocolate croissant (no regrets) and a train ride to Versailles. After waiting in line for security for about an hour, I entered for free (EU resident again, hello) and was like, that was it? I toured the apartments but honestly it wasn’t much, the most interesting part of the trip was eavesdropping on the Americans behind me in line who were talking about how one of them visited Germany while it still had the wall conflict in Berlin. I didn’t bother visiting the gardens because the cost was 7 euro too much but I enjoyed the view of the palace, it was spectacular.
I trained back to the city and tried to wait in line for the catacombs but it was too long, they said it would close before I had a chance to visit. I instead walked to Luxembourg gardens an explored the Saint Michel area; I got a delicious Nutella crepe for the best price I have seen (€2.30). I then wandered to the champs élysées and wandered around for a while before returning to my hostel. At dark I took the metro to trocadero and saw a magnificent light show display of the Eiffel Tower. I was a bit nervous to metro so late in the night so I attempted to look like a natural, I guess it worked because 2 people asked me for instructions! It didn’t faze the creepy guys at the metro station though; you really need a strong “no” to make them go away (don’t worry mom, i have got it covered!)
I returned to my hostel for some wine, Brie, baguette and veggies and couldn’t be happier. I got 350ml of decent
Cabernet Savignon for €1.50. This city is magical.






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