Christmas Cupcakes

The last couple days have been jam packed busy with schoolwork! I find myself having to complete 2 assignments,2 lab reports and one final exam before I leave for Belgium on the 16!

We played the last hockey game of the season against the top of the league, Manchester Met 3’s, on Wednesday. We got an early goal but they tied it up later in the half. I took a massive spill a few times on the astro which led to blood on my kit and an astro burn on the side of my body. As a result I earned the “dick of the day” title for the match.

Today Emily and I ventured to Bangor’s own Christmas Market! We treated ourselves to come cupcakes which were delicious.

I also had the chance to have a mare of an afternoon in the library. I thought my Macbook charger was broken so I spent an hour researching authentic-vs-not chargers, and ordered a cheap one off amazon. I then ran into a French guy I kind of know from international stuff and asked to borrow his charger, only to find out the sockets I was at were dysfunctional and not my charger. I was quick to cancel the order and be extremely embarassed…..

As it gets closer to Christmas I do get more and more excited but I also get more and more homesick. As amazing as these 3 months have been so far I can’t help but be homesick a bit. It comes with the territory I guess. As my mom says, home will always be there. Keeping myself busy in the meantime and letting it pass:)

Oh! I also signed up for a half marathon on March 2nd in Anglesey! It’s called the Island Race and will be the third half marathon I’ve ever completed (and the first I plan on properly training for). Rory signed up for it as well so we’re training together. I’m trying to get others on board but so far my persuasions have been unsuccessful….1477919_10152131111427265_757454964_n


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